2ish Bio

The music of 2ish has been described as a “ living film score”, or as the style often referred to as “Heavy Wood”. Purely instrumental, their original compositions often remind the listener of music once created by the artists Michael Hedges, Oliver Schroer, Stefane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt.

2ish has quickly been recognized for their vibrant live performances. Saskia and Brandon bring the listener closer to all aspects of their show with playful banter and improvisation.
Their compositions have found a home in both Folk and Jazz idioms.

There are two self penned recording projects available, their debut “really?”, and the second “whoteva”, they are currently working on their third project. 2ish has received several recording and touring grants over the span of their career.

“There is a depth of talent and connection between these two musicians and this is shared with you as you watch them on stage. Song after song weaves an entire musical experience that leaves you wanting more.”
Joyce Matheson – Director/General Manager, CTV MUSIC

“ Your music went down as a treat for the school. Many of the children were fired up to play more and teachers were enthused by what they heard. It is a very unique and special sound the two of you are making and the more people that can hear it the more the creativity of the Bard tradition will grow”
Larry Klatzko. artistic director, Canterbury Waldorf School. U.K.

“Masterclass” was the sort of comment I was getting from people at the conclusion of the concert”.
Dr. Beau Webber – U.K. festival organizer.

“One of the best shows I have seen in years..”
Alison Wright – music educator, Bridge U.K.

“I can’t believe all that sound came from just two acoustic instruments”
Steve Bishop – music graduate, Ramsgate U.K.